Kamis, 11 Februari 2010


Success often comes to those who dare to act; and rarely went to a coward who did not dare to take kosekuensi (Jawaharlal Nehru).
Success. Everyone wants success. With the success of the life will change and the way happiness be so easily achieved. When talking about the success we will find two people who very much different. They're called winners and losers. The fundamental difference between winners and losers is the action. Winners are those who do what they say while the loser only say what they would do without acting.

When asked to each person whether they want a success, everyone must have someone to answer YES. But when asked what action they have taken to achieve success? The answer is NO.
Why people do not dare to act? Scared. Fear of failure, fear underestimated, fear no one supports, and other timid. They only imagine bad things without ever thinking about a chance to succeed. Remember always that what you think will become a reality. If you think success is a success will come your way. Conversely, if you think failure, failure that you'll meet.
Success can only be achieved by doing something. Success will not come if we just dreamed it. Only the winners who dare to take action to achieve success and realize dreams. An action must result in consequences, whether it be success or failure.
I still remember when I attended a seminar on "Action Coach". There was testimony to how an opportunity to get a foreign franchise lost in just 5 minutes. The reason's simple, the person out of the room briefly, to call her to ask if this franchise has the potential or not. Actually, he knows how much franchise business opportunities, especially the already famous. Certainly, promising enormous benefits. But he was afraid to take action, because it means going to spend all his savings.
Finally, the friends, always remember that success came only hard workers and will not be up to the dreamer.

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